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Tortoise Pasture Seed Mix

                Patton from Colorado enjoying our Sulcata Mix just 7 days after planting.
Our fresh seed mix is available! 
This is a mixture of seeds specially designed to grow your own tortoise food. 

Our mix is custom blended several times a year and includes a variety of grasses and a few dicots. The mix is primarily grasses as this provides the best diet for sulcatas. Our mixes contain a variety of seeds depending on the growing season. Current mix including buffalo grass, organic gold wheat grass, blue grama, fescue (3 varieties), bahia grass, timothy grass, orchard grass, oat grass, rye grass, bluestem, millet (3 varieties), plus small amount of chicory and rapina.  

Could also be grown in pots or flats if you don't have an outdoor place to grow them, but the soil must have enough nutrients. We plant our mix year round here, and should grow year round except where there is snow. 

Sold in packets or by the pound. The small packet can be planted in one pot. It is for sampling our seed mix. The medium packet is also for those wanting to grow a small amount in pots as it is not enough for a larger, outdoor planting. If you are wanting to plant seeds in large flats our outdoors, we encourage you to order a pound or a two pound bag. The seed does not need to be planted immediately and will stay viable if kept in a dry area or in the freezer. 2lbs will cover 1000 sq ft.

Our seed mix is top quality - we make it ourselves and our tortoises graze on our mix. 
Never feed your tortoises prepackaged tortoises foods such as dry pellets, canned wet foods, or dried foods. These tortoises are meant to eat a lot of grasses and fresh foods. We have seen sulcatas fed a commercial diet and they have had severe intestinal issues! People who promote these almost alway sell them!

A picture sent to us by a customer just days after he planted our sulcata mix!

Specialty Seed Mix for Desert Tortoises 
(Formulated for Sulcata tortoises and other desert tortoises, but good for all tortoises including russian, hingeback, leopard, red and yellow foot, and other tortoises) USA ONLY
Our seeds are non-treated/coated and are safe to be planted with your tortoises in the enclosure.


Packets are a great way to sample our seed or to plant in pots. If planting outdoors on the ground, we highly recommend purchasing at at least a pound.  
From Left to Right - 2lb bag, 1lb bag, Medium sample packet, Small sample packet

Specialty Seed Mix for Forest Tortoises 
(Russians, Hinge-backs, Mediterranean, Red/Yellow foots, Forest, Box Turtles) -                 
Our Sulcata mix is also great for Forest Tortoises with the addition of other protein foods and fruits. 
This is a specialty mix we have put together for non-dessert tortoises. Our mixes contain a variety of seeds depending on the growing season. These can including organic gold wheat grass, Orchard grass, oat grass, rye grass, millets, dandelion, chicory, clovers, buckwheat, legumes, and other tortoise favorites. Clover seeds are coated with a clay based inoculant for germination and should be covered with a thin layer of soil so the clay doesn’t not dry out during germination. 

This is NOT a complete diet for forest tortoises. Be sure to add enough protein depending upon your breed of tortoise (such as safe snails, chicken liver, etc) as well as a variety of fruits such as papaya, pumpkin, strawberries.      

Rapina Seeds
Due to customers requests, we are now offering our Rapina seeds in medium packets and one pound bags. Rapina is a tortoise favorite and also loved by box turtles. 

Red Clover Seeds
Red Clover is a tortoise favorite and also loved by box turtles. Please note, these seeds are coated. Being coated with a clay based inoculate. This coating is essential for good growth.  However, we do not recommend planting at a time when tortoises could eat large amounts of the seed such as indoor enclosures or small outdoor enclosures near foods they are currently grazing upon. 

Hibiscus Seeds
A super fast growing hibiscus that is grown from seed. We have planted these throughout our yard here in southwest FL. Each seed yielded a 6x6’ plant within 6 months. The tortoises go crazy over this plant! They love the leaves, flowers, and calyxes. The seeds have been hand harvested from our organically grown plants. If planting inside the tortoise enclosure, be sure to protect the base of the plant because the tortoises love to eat this and will eat it to the ground if allowed access. We are now growing some in the tortoise pen in wooden squares and in concrete blocks. 



Hibiscus Relatives $6 per seed packet unless otherwise noted
                            Abutilon sp. - edible leaves and flowers - zone 8+

                                Marsh Mallow - edible leaves and flowers Zone 3

                                    Burgundy Hibiscus -edible leave and flowers zone 9+
                                            $7.50 per packet 

Green Leafy Plant Seeds for Tortoises
      Endive - a healthy leafy green - $6

      Malabar Spinach - Summer Crop- $6

Herb Dandelion/Chicory ~ $6

                         New Zealand Spinach - Summer Crop - $6

Milk Thistle ~ $6

Herb Plantain  - $6

Other Edible Fruiting and Flowering Plant Seeds for Tortoises                                      

Wild Strawberry - wonderful for forest tortoises such as
                                hingebacks and russians (red or yellow fruit)
$6~ free shipping

$6~ free shipping

$6~ free shipping

           Hollyhocks $6 - Yellow or Black flower


Thai Pumpkin
Sold Out


               Marina di Chioggia Pumpkin
                   10 seeds: $6 - free shipping

 Jarrahdale Pumpkin
               10 seeds: $6 - free shipping

                  Long Island Cheese Pumpkin
                   10 seeds: $6 - free shipping

                      Rouge vif d’Etampes Pumpkin
                 10 seeds: $6 - free shipping

                       Seminole Pumpkin (great for FL)
                     10 seeds: $6.00 free shipping

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Our tiniest customer, Patton, from Colorado enjoying our Sulcata Mix.

This photo was taken 7 days after planting the mix.

Free Shipping on All Orders!!

Free Shipping on All Orders!!

Free Shipping on All Orders!!

Free Shipping on All Orders!!

Free Shipping on All Orders!!

Free Shipping on All Orders!!