Sulcata Food

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Tortoise Pasture Seed Mix
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A picture sent to us by a customer - he planted our seed mix only days before taking the photo!

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Now grow your own tortoises from seed! Why incubate eggs and waste all that time when you can...oh, wait. Never mind. A great pasture seed mix! This is a mixture of seeds specially designed to grow your own tortoise food. Our mix is custom blended several times a year and includes a variety of grasses (including Bermuda which is native to Africa), millets, clovers, mixed greens, and other non-toxic tortoise favorites which vary with each season. Not what you would want to grow a lawn with (especially since we try to put dandelion in when we can), but great eating for your tortoise. The seed mix should be sown onto prepared soil and slightly raked in. Keep well watered until established. Could also be grown in pots or flats if you don't have an outdoor place to grow weeds. We plant these year round here, and should grow year round except where there is snow. Sold in packets or by the pound. One packet will sow about 1-2 sq ft. of space. This seed mix is excellent for all types of tortoises - we also include dandelion seeds when available.
Our seed mix is top quality not pre-bagged foraging mix sold for cattle and deer - we make it ourselves and feed it to our own tortoises.
Never feed your tortoises prepackaged tortoises food like Pretty Pets, ZooMed, or Mazuri - these will lead to health and shell problems!!!!

Specialty Seed Mix for Desert Tortoises 
(Sulcatas and other desert tortoises)
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Specialty Seed Mix for Forest Tortoises 
(Russians, Mediterranean, Red/Yellow foots, Forest, Box Turtles)
This is a specialty mix we have put together for non-dessert tortoises. Contains more broadleaf favorites. 

Special - 
1 pound forest seed mix and Russian Tortoise Book (Red Food Tortoise book is sold out)
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