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Tortoise Pasture Seed Mixes
Desert Tortoise Seed Mix
Formulated for Sulcatas and other desert tortoises, but good for all tortoises including russian tortoises, hingeback tortoises, leopard tortoises, redfoot tortoises and yellowfoot tortoises, desert tortoises, and other tortoises. A mixture of primarily grasses with a small amount of rapina, and other low protein dicots. The current mixture does not contain Bermuda grass. We have switched over to a single type of desert tortoise seed mix that will grow in all areas.  - Fresh seed mix!

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Hibiscus & Relatives - Seeds

             Abutilon sp. - edible leaves and flowers - zone 8+ $6


                     Marsh Mallow - edible leaves and flowers Zone 3+ $6
               Burgundy Hibiscus- edible leave and flowers - $7.50

Green Leafy Plant Seeds for Tortoises

       Endive - a healthy leafy green - $6

Malabar Spinach - Summer Crop - $6 

               New Zealand Spinach- Summer Crop $6

Milk Thistle $6

Herb Plantain $6

Herb Dandelion/Chicory $6

Other Edible Fruiting and Flowering Plant Seeds for Tortoises                                 
                                 Wild Strawberry - red or yellow - wonderful for forest tortoises
                      approx. 75 seeds -red or yellow fruit ~$6 ~free shipping

Purslane - $6 - free shipping

  Portulaca - Moss Rose $6 - free shipping

    Hollyhocks - edible leaves and flowers $6

Pumpkin Seeds

Thai Pumpkin
Sold Out

    Marina di Chioggia Pumpkin
                   10 seeds: $6.00 free shipping

Jarrahdale Pumpkin
               10 seeds: $6.00 free shipping

           Long Island Cheese Pumpkin
                   10 seeds: $6.00 free shipping


          Rouge vif d’Etampes Pumpkin
      10 Seeds $6.00 free shipping

   Seminole Pumpkin
                     10 seeds: $6.00 free shipping

Immuno-Boost - Calcium Supplements 
Pure human grade calcium with added microencapsulated probiotics (beneficial bacteria) and grapefruit seed extract
1oz bag - $11 w/free shipping

Calcium Supplement
100% pure calcium supplement! Our calcium is 100% pure, readily absorbable calcium with no silica or other harmful by-products. Manufactured for human consumption, assuring that your tortoise does not have any contaminates in their supplements.

1oz bag - $8 w/ free shipping

Live Plants 
Dwarf Elephant Grass 

Dwarf Elephant Grass Root division- 
Root divisions are $39.00 each with free shipping

Spineless Prickly Pear Cactus
Our tortoises love these! Spineless prickly pear cactus pads and fruit are wonderful for tortoises. We offer the regular and variegated, truly spineless varieties. You will receive a single cactus pad without roots. Please read our planting instructions. Do not order if your area experiences snow/freezing temperatures.

Plants pictured below have been grown 9 months. 

Russian Tortoises in Captivity
Professional Breeders Series
89 pages of wonderful information on care, indoor and outdoor
enclosures, breeding, feeding, and more. This book contains many 
wonderful full color photos. 

$10 with free shipping


Free Shipping on All Orders!!

Free Shipping on All Orders!!

Free Shipping on All Orders!!

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