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Live Plants
Elephant Grass
Elephant Grass Plants will not grow in areas that receive freezing temperatures. Plants cannot be shipped to AZ or HI. Due to weather, we are only shipping live plants within Florida right now. Please email if interested and I can send an online invoice. 
Dwarf Grass Description:
This is very similar to regular elephant grass except that it only gets about 4 feet tall. It does not have tall canes, but very short ones that gives the blades the appearance of  coming straight from the ground. It also grows thicker than regular elephant grass and is a darker green color. I use this grass to screen fences that I need to be able to see over. The nutritional value of this grass is also higher. Recommended for zones 8 and higher for outdoor growing. The dwarf grass grows well in a pot. Full to partial sun. Plants grown for shipment to CA, TX, and LA are propagated in sterile soil and are shipped in small pots. These plants are very healthy, but ship smaller than those shipped within Florida. 

Dwarf Elephant Grass Root division -  These will spread, but are easy to contain. A perfectly nutritional food for your tortoise!!!
$35 w/ Free priority Mail shipping
Only Shipping within FL right now. email and let us know how many plants you would like, and we will send an online invoice. 

Spineless Prickly Pear Cactus
Our tortoises love these! Spineless prickly pear cactus pads and fruit are wonderful for tortoises. We offer the regular and variegated varieties. You will receive a single unrooted cactus pad. Please read our planting instructions (these are available on the website only and will not currently be shipped with plants). Can be shipped throughout the USA

Plants above have been grown 9 months

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